The focus of the project.

October 6, 2009
by Nathan Whitehouse (nw08)


The goal of this project is to evolve a functional, complete program using PushGP. Because this is a complex task that has (to our knowledge), never been completed, the program should be simple enough that it is possible to create; any program should be an impressive first. We have decided to work towards creating an address book. The interface and visual components of an address book can be very basic; it is essentially a fancified database. The program needs to store and retrieve information and link it (name, phone number, email, address, personal notes), as well as keep track of various states, such as whether it is in edit mode or not. The functions would include creating a new entry, editing an entry, deleting an entry, and a search function.

That is already everything an address book would need to perform to be considered ‘complete.’ The first step is to evolve some of the guts of this system, without worrying about actual user input or creating a GUI. Keypresses and other possible input are simulated.

This is where we are now; I have been trying to create fitness functions in schushGP which can discriminate between keypresses, with no direct success but ever-progressing comprehension of why it’s not succeeding.


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