October 7, 2009
by Nathan Whitehouse (nw08)

I’ve written in the ability to test a program by giving it an input, and seeing what it does each step of execution (well, perhaps that’s misleading – 95% of that functionality is in schush from the get go; it just needs to be organized and tailored to the problem at hand). The programs I evolved last night all were successful, although they behaved in very different ways that I might have expected. One program, for example, took advantage of the instruction ‘integer.fromboolean’, which returns 1 if the top of the boolean stack is #t, and nothing otherwise. Remember, a virtual keypress value of #t means we want to add 3 to the input, and #f means we want to simply print the input. This successful program simply called integer.fromboolean three times and then added. If I were to switch which keypress does what, however, this whole method of operation would be rendered completely useless; the same would be true if I tried to add something no matter which key was pressed – say, add 1 if #f and 3 if #t.

Harshit and I have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow, where we’ll figure out what else we want to have in the code, and start divvying it up. Things should move much quicker now that the basics of schushGP are a little clearer.

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  1.   Harshit Rathi Says:

    You need to explain the workings to me!

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